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Dream Activation is a space for ​women to discover, become, and ​foster their purpose, and dreams. ​In addition, I provide consulting ​services for entrepreneurs, small ​businesses, non-profits, and ​corporati​ons.

Dream Activation is here to nur​ture you, no matter where you ar​e in your journey. Focusing on o​ne-on-one coaching, works​hops, consulting, and creative cohor​ts to help you reach your destiny. I a​spire to see us all be who we were cr​eated t​o​ be.

Dream Activation Offerings

  • Strategic Planning- A guided conversation about your business and what you need to succeed.
      • Develop organizational objective
      • Establish an outcomes roadmap
      • Fundraising strategies
  • Define Mission and Goals- A fun process to help you establish a clear and focused mission ​statement and organization goals.
      • Set measurable goals
      • Get your elevator speech down
      • Outline the pillars of your business
  • Board Development- Every great organization should have a great board.
      • Assist and identify board members who will bring value to your business
      • Define board culture
      • Set board roles and responsibilities
  • Grant Writing Preparation- There are many steps to applying for grants.
      • Helping you create your business narrative
      • Demonstrate impact and sustainability
      • Creating clear objectives
      • How to align with funder's priorities and guidelines

  • One-on-One Coaching
      • Assist individuals in realizing their aspirations and providing guidance to achieve them.
      • Self-exploration sessions to identify passions and dreams.
      • Attainable Activation steps
      • Personalized life and business strategy plan
  • Consulting
      • As a business consultant, Cara provides a wide range of skill sets. With expertise in event ​planning, fundraisers, community projects, and the arts, Cara will provide you with the ​information and tools needed to ensure success in whatever your venture.

Cara Deanes is a cultivator, activator, and curator of mind, spirit, and ​soul that aims to create spaces and opportunities for individuals to ​become all they are created to be. Cara’s professional career started ​in youth development and has grown. With a strong mind for ​business, she landed in the development field, grant writing, ​fundraising, and building strong community partnerships. With this ​skill set, Cara began offering services to friends and community ​members who were trying to start and or scale their businesses.

Cara thrives in community grassroots settings and with people who ​want to create a genuine and relevant impact.

Currently, Cara is the Executive Director of the Roho Collective, a ​non-profit arts organization that works to empower and strengthen ​artists of color. Since her time as executive director, (2019), Cara has ​increased the organizational budget by 95%, through grants, ​donations, special projects, and contracts and membership by 85%. ​The future vision of Roho Collective is to find a home base for a ​Black-Owned fine arts gallery, which will showcase artists of color ​locally and nationally.

Cara also serves as a co-chair committee member (2 years) on the ​Walker Art Center’s Avant Garden Fundraiser, which raises over one ​million dollars. Previously, Christopheraaron (husband) and Cara ​served as co-chairs to the events BIPOC Artist Fund (4 years).

Deanes is married to artist and educator, Christopheraaron Deanes ​and is a mother of 5, which is her most important title.

Leah Mott-Deanes, ( bonus daughter) and in 2019 Christopheraaron ​and Cara adopted 4 children, making them a family of 7! Along with ​her family, Cara continues to volunteer her time and support the ​community as a proud north-side Minneapolis resident.

Client Testimonials

"Beautiful community and insights for my future."

“Being in a room with women discussing our dreams ​and goals, filled my cup!”

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